Atheism and the Lost Community

Atheism and Community

Cool, continents in the branches.

Just one of Seven

It doesn’t take much to remind me how fortunate I am to live the life I do. I wouldn’t exactly call my life hunky-dory (because who describes anything like that after 1995?), but there are places where I definitely get a break.

For those who aren’t atheist, or are as lucky as me, you might not realize how much it sucks to need the help of another human being, and be atheist. The United States in particular is built with the Christian in mind. If you want help with alcoholism, AA is the place everyone will point you to. Unfortunately, Alcoholics Anonymous is a step program built on relinquishing control to a ‘higher power’. Even with how vague that is, that spits on the Atheist Shoes of your local non-believer.

Which is why I link this particular article from Alternet, also on Salon. They bring up a list that some people don’t even know is needed, a list of support networks for humanists and atheists.

Why did I say I’m lucky? Because I’m relatively strife-free. No major drug problems, I don’t need to search for an atheist-friendly therapist, and my recovery from religious faith has been smooth as Atheist Butter (this isn’t a product, but someone should work on that). For those out there who do need help, or better put, for those who need the kind support of their fellow man, this is one small list.

Some religious people, even some atheist people, wonder why atheists would ever need a community. “The only thing you have in common is your lack of faith, why have a community?” The answer is simple, with the realization that this is our one life, the plight of man is the highest common concern among human beings. We need to protect each other, help each other, lift each other up. We are all that we have.


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