Another Ball State professor proves an embarrassment, and a BSU student says I’m motivated by Satan

Ball State’s situation continues to astound me. I know not every field requires a dedication to proper science, but seeing a university raise its arms in defense of creationism is starting to depress me.

Why Evolution Is True

I’m starting to give up hope for Ball State University.  I once thought that Professor Eric Hedin, with his Jesus-and-Intelligent-Design-pushing science course, complete with its “No Monkey Gods” brand of Christian apologetics, was an aberration, and that he’d be criticized by his colleagues. No dice. While BSU has convened a panel to investigate Hedin’s course, Ball State was busy hiring another creationist, Guillermo Gonzalez.  And have we heard Ball State faculty and students standing up for good science education? Nope. What we get are a spate of BSU students and faculty writing semi-literate and pro-religion letters to the local newspapers, defending Hedin’s right to teach creationism to students in a public university.  Along with that I’m accused of being a carpetbagging tyrant who wants to control science education and prevent “balanced” discussion (i.e., keep Jesus out of science).

I don’t in the least mind the invective, though its intensity has…

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