Jesus Christ How Terrifying! Poor woman brain washed by cult.

Jesus Christ How Terrifying! Poor woman brain washed by cult.

This article, pointed out to me today, tells the story of Noel Lyons. Her harrowing story includes a Christian cult that made her forsake her friends, family, and everything natural about her body and mind. Why? Biblical teachings of course.

The part of this that frightens me is that she didn’t end up in this cult because of her own urge for religion, or because she was already a hardened Christian warrior for Christ the King (or some other hilarious title). She was a binge drinker, wanted help, and looked for a rehabilitation program. She knew beforehand that it identified as Christian, but she didn’t know exactly what she was getting into, and who could know?

Many organizations without non-religious purposes have heavy religious spins, and many are completely safe. As a kid I went to camp some summers, and besides the occasional awkward blindside prayer, had no idea my camp was owned and operated by a Christian ministry. Later when I received ropes and leadership training for a job, a similar situation occurred. Wonderful camp ground, nice staff, random prayer before I can eat my plain oatmeal.

Rehabilitation services, children’s camp grounds, therapy groups (and therapists), musical groups, book clubs, etc. Without reading the fine print, you could be walking into a Christian group. Even if you read the fine print, you could run into something more terrifying than you expected.


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