The Curse of the Moderate Christian

The Curse of the Moderate Christian


This is a perfect storm of things that enrage me. Take LGBT issues, cross it with Christian oppression, and sprinkle censorship on top. The only way this could get worse is if someone kicked a puppy on their way out the door.

For those who aren’t here for deep reading, let me summarize the story for you. This guy here, David King, works together with another author, a Michael Jensen, to create a book. Blam, done, book finished, for all I know it is the next great American novel. Fast forward to a publisher finally signing on with them, except they edit the final sentence of Michael’s biography. Three guesses what was in that final sentence, and it wasn’t heil hitler! He mentions his partner, as in he is one of those gays you’re always hearing about. After bringing up the unfortunate bit of censorship, their contract gets dropped altogether.

This is all happening in Utah, of course.

Nothing against Utah (this clause means I’m lying), but it would take a healthy bit of cash to ever get me there. Though I guarantee you it is one of the nicest places in the United States, because Mormons all act like that guy from the Enzyte commercials.

Now this is all bad enough, and David has done (most of) the right thing in standing behind his friend, colleague, and fighting against bigotry. It doesn’t make sense that in this day and age, a publisher would block a writer from telling the truth about who they are. Worse, the reason for the censorship was that it was believed it would hurt sales in particular markets.

Sometimes I call myself a New Atheist, which means now and again I like to look at another human being and describe to them why the things they just said to me are utterly ridiculous. So when I see something like this, my imagination pulls up some Mormon nanny state, where everyone can quietly believe that Jesus is waiting around the corner to make his big return, the big horns are just about the blow, and all those Muslim people they see on TV are just a little confused, and can’t wait to join the Mormon church. No one is really gay, and the only people who have sex before finishing their mission definitely imploded and were never heard from again.

This is me exaggerating, some of the best people I’ve ever known, Mormons. That said, the way they and other Christians act, allows stupid incidents like this to happen.

You may have heard this said before, the silence of the moderates gives permission to the radicals. You may have heard it said about Islamic extremists. The same concept applies.

In the linked blog post, David talks about how this isn’t an act of the LDS church, and that is true. Unfortunately this did happen in the middle of Mormon-ville, and the odds that this wasn’t religiously motivated are slim to none. So when David King goes on to say that not all Mormons think this way, and that some believe theirs is a religion of love, that doesn’t mean much in the face of acts performed in the name of his religion. Cool, you think everything is hunky-dory, and we’ll all go flying into M-space and enjoy our own planets with green alien babes for all (note, this is not what Mormons believe, so don’t comment on it), but when your views are moderate/liberal compared to the central platform of your faith, I have to ask why you still subscribe to that faith at all.

And lets face it, with Mormon tithing, it is a subscription. It is a lot like a gym, but your knees hurt more in the end.

Yes, I understand that every movement will have radicals. Feminists do not have to answer for those who call to kill all men. Atheists do not have to answer for those who want to burn churches (Is this even a thing? I bet). Mormons and Christians alike do not have to answer for the worst among Christianity. Unless, the radicals are using central tenets of that faith or group.

How do you condemn rape and pillaging when your own bible has your god commanding the same? How do you condemn homophobes when your bible says gays are an abomination? It isn’t radicals you are fighting, it is your own faith.

But that is the curse of the moderate; they love the greater faith, and have to take the rape with loving embrace.


One thought on “The Curse of the Moderate Christian

  1. Exactly! This is what I’ve been trying to understand for ages! How can a person call themselves a Christian or a Muslim if they reject half the Bible/Quran(the violent half)?! And yet, every time I’ve asked people about this I never got a satisfying answer…Still waiting on that.

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