University of Iowa chemist decries evolution in school magazine; colleagues object but Discovery Institute applauds

One good thing about the internet age is that those scientists whose scientific views aren’t supported by the evidence can out themselves. We get to see scientific self-correction in action.

Why Evolution Is True

Dr. Ned Bowden, an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Iowa, has written a piece for a university magazine, Campus Voices, that is one of the most ill-informed and wrongheaded articles I’ve seen in a publication by a reputable university.  Let’s call it a “formerly reputable” university, for I have no idea what the school was thinking when it okayed Bowden’s piece, “Common ground: a case for ending animosity between science and religion.” Yes, Bowden has the right to publish anti-evolution views, and yes, Campus Voices has every right to publish them, as it has every right to publish defenses of astrology, homeopathy, and the accounts of people abducted and sexually molested by space aliens.  But this was deeply unwise, for it just tarnishes the reputation of Bowden’s university, and makes the man look deeply foolish.

The magazine has a disclaimer, of course:


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