In chat with Diana Nyad, Oprah Winfrey channels Krista Tippett

I have to agree, it seems like Oprah simply reacted to what was said. I really wish we had a better word for those who do not believe in big religion, but insist on all the trappings of faith (ghosts, souls, etc). Spiritual may be the best bet though.

Why Evolution Is True

Is it any surprise that Oprah Winfrey is a sucker for faith? She’s pitched all kinds of woo on her show, and although I know she’s done some great charity work, gotten people to read books, and done other useful things, I could never watch her for more than five minutes.  She was just too earnest, too saccharine—too eager to show the world that she was its nicest inhabitant.

Oprah’s most cloying aspects, a least vis-à-vis faith, are on tap in the following four-minute interview with athlete Diana Nyad, who recently swam from Cuba to Florida—at the age of 64!

As you’ll hear below, Nyad admits that she’s “not a God person” and is in fact an atheist. Sadly, she also says, “My definition of God is humanity—and the love of humanity,” which sort of spoils her admission. Why, if you’re an atheist, must you to give the name “God”…

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