#NaNoWriMo Day 13, How Lewd


I don’t really care about writing lewd material, but now and again I remember that sometimes people want to read my stuff. 

I’m not known as a lewd guy. Sure I make dick jokes as much as the next guy, but up until maybe this last year (I talked about this recently), I was pretty stern about keeping my language clean. 

Why? Well one lesson of my youth that stuck around is that bad language is caused by a deficiency in vocabulary. A genius move by my mom to make sure I didn’t go around singing the bad words in songs, I guess. It worked, though I’m guessing she never could have guessed that I would go on to consider my vocabulary important, when I started to care about my writing craft. So now I barely even curse, unless the scene calls for it, so of course I wouldn’t talk about naughty bits, that was like, a level beyond.

At this point I don’t care. I’ve figured out some several dozen ways to describe a penor going into a vagoo, and it really doesn’t make me blink an eye. On the other hand, I have to keep in mind that not everyone sees things the same way.

For instance, it seems like women read a lot more about sex than guys do. When I was young, I didn’t understand that those books with buff men on the cover were actually full of women longing for hot dickings. In retrospect, it was the perfect hiding place. 

When I was writing a previous NaNo, I kept thinking I had to either admit the story was romance, to excuse the dickings inside, or tone them down. No way that a book, focused on elevating the story (aka, literature of the pretentious college kid kind) should have delicious sex-making inside right?

Well really, I was working off some faulty experience. When I finally read Neuromancer, in order to prepare for writing a Cyberpunk story, things got pretty hot and steamy (and it wasn’t because of overclocked decks, you know). George R.R. Martin wowed the world with just how much character development he could pack into scenes full of characters making whoopsie together. I guess, and maybe it was because of the age of my favorite books, I underestimated the amount of sexytime across commonly consumed reading material.

Why is this important? Well sexytime came to my current Nano, and I really didn’t know what to do about it. Not that I couldn’t write it, but it felt like I was mixing work (some of the contract stories I have to write) and pleasure (Nano itself). I kept things relatively light, but the circumstance did most of the work. As much as I enjoy giving people fodder for new fetishes, it would have been awkward to describe a male hacker experiencing the sensations of a woman having sex with a guy that he hated. Plus I think i’m at risk of diminishing the character of my female lead, and that scene may have been the straw.

Unfortunately, for what she had to do next, she needed a little privacy, and a little time.

She went and sat on the edge of the desk, and went into her bag. Palming a small disc, she pulled out a tube of lipstick, and began to apply it. The guard didn’t falter, behind his shades, he kept a close eye on her every move.

With a check of her pad, she realized she was in the window for action. She put the lipstick away, and put her hands under her the slip of her dress. With an adjustment, she pulled her panties from underneath her dress, and removed them in one long motion.

“Think you can hold on to these for me?” She said to the guard, her knees kept just far enough apart.

He didn’t respond. He was good, and that worried her about the final stage of things. If he couldn’t be distracted, she hoped he wasn’t a good shot.

“Your loss,” She said with a smile, turning to put her panties in her bag, then moving the bag toward the rear of the desk. She leaned over the edge of the desk, and as she placed the bag in its new position, she slapped the small disc she had palmed onto the lip of the computer console seated there.

When she turned around, the man adjusted his head up from where her ass had been up in the air. Maybe he wasn’t as good as she thought.

Oh well, toned down went better than not at all. 

I’m nearly at 25,000 words, a few days ahead of schedule. There is still plenty of time for Ashleigh or Fuller to find themselves some hanky-panky, maybe even with each other (now that is lewdicrous). 


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