#NaNoWriMo Day 30: Running Backwards


I knew that the holidays would make it hard to update, but here I am on the 30th. Hope you didn’t miss me too much.

Nanowrimo was… a success! 51,000 words later, my 5th (5th? I think 5th) National Novel Writing Month novel has been completed. I got myself so far ahead of the curve, it was simple to come in for the finish. As for the content of the story… well that is a different story.

Let me tell you a little something.

When I first decided on my Nano novel, I based it on a short story that I actually posted here on The Little Tower. It was called Panopticon, and I wrote it in the aftermath of reading the novel Neuromancer for the first time. I was excited, I wanted more, and I definitely wanted to do cyberpunk for my Nano. So I wrote my novel these past 30 days, with Panopticon in mind.

Small problem, and a spoiler, one of the characters in Panopticon doesn’t make it out with their life. Which means, the short story was going to come at the end, or I would have to edit it. Since I usually Nano by the seat of my thumbs, I got close to the end, and realized that I wanted to shove Panopticon at the end of my novel, Corpfall.

Oops, this is a dumb idea. I mean, in general it is an okay plan, I’m sure it could work, if you actually plan around it. Corpfall got so far ahead of me, that I didn’t have enough time to establish some of the elements that would make Panopticon an awesome set of closing chapters. Instead, this plot twist rises up out of nowhere, like a terrible creature from the Black-guy-can’t-write lagoon.

How bad was it? Well the two main characters weren’t even partners anymore when I started shoving a final story arc into their face. For shame, I felt terrible the whole time.

Then I was finished, then I didn’t feel terrible. I felt very relieved.

Lesson learned, either way. Plan ahead, unless you don’t, in which case power through it as fast as you can and forget it ever happened. That’s my life motto, at work, in writing, in the bedroom, wherever it works.

I’m glad though, Corpfall can join my previous Nano stories (The One With The Black Cloak, Update, Shaman, and … that one about amnesia…), where it will collect dust until I figure out what to do with it.

Well, if I edit it and try to do something with it, you guys will be the first to know. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving (unless you are from Canada, in which case this is too belated to matter), and I will see you folks in December.


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