Welcome to 2014

I had plans to write a big ‘End of the Year’ post, but then I got stuck in a 6 hour game of Civilization 5. So you can see how important that was to me.

Like a lot of people, I don’t really do the whole ‘resolution’ thing. I know that as soon as the year gets going, I’m going to resolve my problems like I did before, maybe with a twist or two based on new experiences. It is definitely a fun ritual though.

My family, we don’t do much. We used to all travel to Grandma’s house, the adults would party, the kids would play video games. I was also 10, so that was a long while ago. These days, I usually try to get to bed early enough that fireworks don’t keep me awake. Last night, I was awake finishing a short story to sell. 

I guess that just shows how much things change. Before 2014, I had never really written anything under contract. Sure I did some SEO, but nothing where I had to actually be creative. Now my pseudonym is listed on Amazon twice, I am editing a Nano novel to self-publish, and I have ghostwritten over 20 short stories for someone else to cash in. 

Despite my failures this year, which are many, that feels good. I haven’t accomplished what I want, and my dreams are still off somewhere in the future, still a pretty good chance of me ending up dead in a ditch before I get there, but it is one more checked box.

I won’t ask for anything to happen this year, because the one thing I truly want, I already know I will not get. Instead, I’ll just keep doing what I love to do, writing, and hope to, as the kids say, ‘get good’. 

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