No Being Nice Is Not Enough

I’ve penciled in some time to be angry.


So have I told you that I’m on G+? No one cares, that isn’t the point, but I use social media. The problem with social media these days is that it is always trying to read you, find out what you want to see, and usually it is well off the mark. Especially if your posts usually include talking about religious gods, but not in a positive light.

G+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, they see the word ‘god’ in a post you responded to, or a video you watched, and they think ‘this guy wants to hear about jesus’. So when I go to the internet, I’m inundated with sponsored posts with quotes about loving the lord. You can imagine how that makes me feel (the answer is: meh).

The worst of these come from what I think is a vital misunderstanding between atheists and theists of different sorts. These are the ‘We love you too, atheists’ posts. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of love to give, and I’m not one to turn away positive feelings. It is just hard to accept. 

You know how in recent years churches have been loud and proud about their acceptance of gays? Then we realized most of it was just the terrible ‘hate the sin not the sinner’ bull that has probably driven countless gay people to self-hated and possibly suicide? Yeah, this feels a lot like that. 

I don’t need your acceptance, I don’t want your internet faith hugs if you are only paying lip service. There are reasons that theists aren’t atheists, and for a lot of them it is a genuine faith in their religion. There are reasons that atheists aren’t theists, and usually it is the opposite of the previous. Being nice is not going to make everything magically fall together. Christians, I’m sorry, but that dream of spreading the word to everyone just ain’t going to happen, please, cut it out. We’re not just pretending to not like it, it is turning into psychological molestation. 

Even worse, and don’t mind me as I go down this dark metaphorical road for a second, some people have been or still are abused by religion. Whether that abuse is the relatively rare physical case, or the common psychological abuse, religions are on the global sex offender list. Excuse me if I keep my metaphorical psychic babies clear of your creepy smile and beckoning fingers.

No, I’m not saying that all christians, or all religions are full of abuse. I’m just saying, the ball is in your court religion. Let me spell out the passing of the ball, because I know not everyone has experience with the handling of said balls.

Atheism had the ball, and was like, ‘If you keep your odd rituals and archaic beliefs as laws for your life only, we will let you come to the neighborhood barbecue.’

Then atheism handed the ball over, physically put it into the hands of religion. 

Then the religious dropped the ball, and put their arms out for a hug. Which is great, except you haven’t accepted the deal. We can see right behind you the countless attempts to enshrine religious beliefs into law, the shaming of homosexuals, the regulation of sex, all of it is right over your shoulder and you’re looking at us with this stupid grin on your face as if a hug is going to make it all go away.

We can eat hot dogs without you, more for the rest of us.